• Broker Code

Broker Code: CHRA01

Broker MLS ID: H-58311

Transaction Fees:
Commissions more than $1,000: $350
Commissions of/less than $1,000: $100


  • Mailing Address
Our company is virtual & paperless, however, we do have an address for the purpose of overnighting documents, etc.

Mailing Address:

2180 Satellite Blvd, Suite 400
Duluth GA 30097

  • Contract Processing

Contract Processing is all virtual. You can upload your contracts/exhibits/amendments via the document upload.

  • REquired docs
  • Contracts including all documents and exhibits & addenda
  • Closing CD (all pages)
  • Copy of Commission Checks
  • Copy of Regions Deposit Slip
Documents can be emailed or uploaded in back-office.
  • Payments

Direct ACH:  direct deposits are made to agents once commission checks
are deposited to company escrow account.  

Pay At Closing:  requires PAC form completed online and signed by broker – agent receives check at closing

  • On The Web



Facebook: /ClassicHomesRealtyofAtlanta


  • info@chratlanta.com
  • (678) 608-9800
  • (770) 685-6968

CHRA Forms

E & O Insurance

2020 – 2021 E & O Insurance downloadable form

General Liability Insurance

2019 - 2020 Liability Insurance downloadable

Paid At Closing

Fillable form. Once completed it will be reviewed & signed by the Broker. Please complete at least 24 - 48 hours prior to closing.

Company W-9

In the event of a referral, send to referring broker.

Office License

Downloadable form. If you are signing up for any service that requires the company license.

Broker License

Downloadable Form.


Supreme Lending

Harry Apollon

Senior Loan Officer

678-860-9353 Cell
770-783- 6756 Fax
678-495-2800 Main

1000 Mansell Exchange W, Suite 310,
Alpharetta, GA 30022

NMLS # 250184, GA License# 27652

Harry’s website
Application link – APPLY NOW

Diago: (470) 848-1491

Diago's pricing is pretty good, and he is excellent. Texting is the best way to reach him. Mention that you are a realtor. He paints mostly in the evenings.

Carlos: (404) 849-3133

Carlos' carpet & installation is very reasonably priced, quick, efficient. Text him for a faster response.

Chupp Contracting:(770) 294-6652

Bill Chupp is a contractor that does EXCELLENT interior & exterior remodeling. His work is beautiful, he does bathroom, kitchen, exterior, interior, basement remodeling.

Gina Ford Photography: (404) 734-0941

Gina is very professional, has a supra key box, convenient payment gateway, and delivers awesome pictures every shoot.


Marketing Tab

Listings are hot now as inventory is very tight.  If you are not getting or going after listings now, you should be.  The old adage “List-to-Last”  applies.  If you are not good at or comfortable with presenting at a listing appointment, watch the 3-part videos below, that should help.

To get the listings you need to market.  Target a community that has a high turn over.  To begin, go to GA MLS and pick communities very close to you. See how many homes have sold in the last 6 – 12 months.  If the community has sold 10 – 20% * of homes within that period, that’s a high turnover and you want to target that community.  Get a LISTING ONLY marketing website,  create or buy a marketing postcard series for home owners, and put your website and phone number on the card, making sure that you are giving the homeowner some sort of knowledge that helps them.  Do not create a “call me to list your home” post card, no one is going to call you from that.  That line needs to be ON the postcard somewhere, but not be the ENTIRE focus of the postcard.  Your goal is to get them to your site, give them information to wet their whistle, and then to find out more they need to enter their information and phone number. You will then have an opportunity to call that individual and hopefully make a connection to come to see their home or answer any questions.

* To find the percentage, go to the tax records in the MLS and find the total number of homes (TNH) in the community. Then divide the total number of homes sold (THS) in the last 6 months by the total number of homes (TNH) in the community. Formula: (THS / TNH X 100) – OR – 49 (THS) divided by 220 (TNH) X 100. Make sure not to flip the first 2 numbers around as that will give you an incorrect percent.

ONLINE MAILING: If you need to mail cards that has a handwritten, personalized feel, without having to write, lick or stamp any cards, check out an awesome website called postable.com.  You can send thank you cards, holiday cards, etc., without having to leave the comfort of your desk.  Find out more information at postable.com. Need postcards? A few great companies are postcardmania.com and expresscopy.com.  Both can handle labeling and mailings so you don’t have to do that.

Listing Agents, here’s an efficient way to notify selling agents that their offer has been received, along with other easy ways to communicate with selling agents to minimize your time on the phone.

  1. Create an email with the word “offer” in the name, something like “offer.agentname@yahoo.com“.
  2. Put this email in your Remarks AND Private Remarks with instructions regarding submitting offers when you are listing it on your MLS. (complete list of sample language here)
  3. Create an auto-response in your “offer” email, so that when an offer is received, the receiving agent will receive a response that says something like “Thank you for submitting your offer. Your offer will be reviewed and you will receive an email/phone call within X hours/days/weeks regarding the status of this offer”. This will set the agent’s expectations, and would mean that whenever an incoming offer hits your email, an outgoing message will AUTOMATICALLY be sent to the receiving agent and they will have no idea that it may or may not be an auto email, unless of course you add a phrase that states “This is an automatic email from our offer system, please do not respond to this email with questions regarding your offer. An agent will contact you about this offer within X hours/days/weeks, etc”.
  4. If at this point it is a multiple offer scenario, you can send a canned response to the agent via email stating that there are multiple offers and please send highest and best….(see complete sample language)
  5. If it is under contract you can also do the same as number 4 (see complete sample language)

For a complete list of sample language, click here to download a copy.

Homestead Exemption sample emails

Don’t forget to send reminder emails to your client’s you’ve closed last year. If you’re using google docs, you can go online and refresh your memory without digging through a bunch of file folders. Here is some sample language to use in your email that you can copy and paste to use in your email and please make sure to plug in the correct information wrapped in the bracket ([ ]) tags and delete the brackets when finished:

Hi [name of your client]. I hope you are LOVING the house now that you’re all settled in. 🙂

Just wanted to check in real quick and see how you and the house are doing!

As a reminder, don’t forget to file for homestead exemption on your house this year. The deadline to apply for the exemption in [county name] is [county deadline], 2016. Applicants must have owned and lived in the property on Jan. 1 of the 2015 tax year, and you’ll only need to do this only once, not every year.

When you file for exemption, your annual tax bill is discounted, as the home is your primary residence. It’s NOT a huge discount, but every little bit helps.

You can apply for the exemption by logging onto [county tax website address] You’ll be able to monitor your application status and find exemption requirements on the website.

Here’s helpful links:


[county address, phone number and hours of operation]


You must own and occupy the home as your primary residence. Your cars must be registered in [county name] County, and you must not claim homestead on any other property. You can apply online by following this link [application link here]

Let me know how you’re doing and If I can help with anything.

This would be a great opportunity to also ask for referrals from your past buyer clients.

You can download approved company logos for your use for printing or marketing.  

To download the logo, click the link and the image will pop up, then right-click the image and choose “save image as” and save it to your computer

  • White text logo no background | .png file (download)
  • Black text logo no background | .png file (download)

Company Tabs

NAMAR’s offices are located at 2145 Duluth Highway, Duluth, GA 30097 Ph: 770-495-7300

Per NAMAR guidelines, it is required that all agents that hold a license with Classic Homes Realty of Atlanta join NAMAR.  Once you join the board, you’ll have 90 days to take the Orientation/Code of Ethics course offered by NAMAR.  This is mandated by The National Association of REALTORS®.  There is an online version on NAR’s website for your convenience (http://www.realtor.org/education) and of course you must be logged in to view this link.  All transferring or reinstating agent, are required to renew Code of Ethics between 2013 and 2016 which is Cycle 4.REALTOR® Applications are submitted online at www.namar.org under “Join NAMAR”.

Once you’ve joined NAMAR and receive your  NRDS ID, you will be able to go into FMLS & GAMLS with the ID and access all GAR forms.

Instructions to get GAR forms for fmls are:

  1. log into FMLS
  2. click “FormsPRO’ from the menu
  3. on the top right hand menu, click on “preferences”
  4. chose “my preferences”
  5. click “my profile data”
  6. at the bottom of the pop-up window, enter your NRDS ID
  7. Click “save”

When you log back in and go to the forms link, you will see a screen allow you to put in your NRDS ID again, at that point when you enter it and click save, you will have access to GAR in FMLS

GAMLS instructions:

  1. log into GAMLS
  2. click on “tools” in the menu, then choose “R. E. Contract Forms”
  3. Click “Settings” in the top menu
  4. click “preferences’
  5. choose the last choice on the left side menu “GAR Form Lisence”
  6. under “GAR Members” enter your NRDS ID in the box provided,
  7. accept the terms and agreement link in the pop up box
Below is a link to order your sign(s) from A Better Sign which has all our sign art:

For Investor Clients:

(This is an ironclad way to protect your investor client from any confusion with regards to their purpose for buying the property, any HOA issues with rentals, and due diligence period )

Seller hereby grants Buyer a ten (10) day right to inspect the property commencing the first full business day after the binding agreement date Buyer reserves the right to terminate this agreement within the inspection period for any reason. In the event buyer terminates this agreement within the Inspection period Seller and Broker shall immediately return to Buyer the earnest money without deduction and neither Seller, Buyer nor Broker shall have any further rights or obligations to one another under the agreement. Buyer acknowledges that they are buying the property in “as is” condition and will not ask Seller For any concessions or repairs based on the inspection period.

All parties acknowledge and agree that the Buyer is purchasing the subject property solely for investment purposes, and the property may be leased to a third party by the Buyer after the Buyer acquires the property. Should the subject property be governed by either (a:) a mandatory homeowners association (HOA) or (b) any law, rule or ordinance, and the covenants and bylaws of said HOA prohibit leasing the property, or a law, rule, or ordinance prohibits the leasing of the property, Then the Buyer shall have the right to terminate this Agreement and all earnest money shall be refunded to the Buyer.

Don’t Forget To Log Out When You’re Done. ->